Justin offers Guitar, Violin, Piano, Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle, Bass, and Voice Master Classes.

Course Schedule (in-home or in-studio):

  • Fiddle 101 (Month 1-2), Intermediate Fiddle (Month 3-4), Texas Swing Fiddle, (Month 5-8), Advanced Fiddle Double Stop Master Class (Month 9-12)
  • Banjo 101 (Month 1-2)
  • Mandolin 101 (Month 1-2)
  • Electric or Acoustic Guitar 101 (Month 1-2), Intermediate Guitar (Month 3-4), Country Picking Guitar (Month 5-7), Advanced Guitar Scales, Modes, & No-Man's Land - Famous Solos of Rock, Country, & Pop (Month 8-12)

Curriculum covers:

  1. Music Theory and the Foundation of Music
  2. Music History
  3. The Nashville Number System
  4. Fun and Interactive Music Games for Kids of All Ages
  5. Songs by Twenty-One Pilots, Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, Bruno Mars, and more of your favorite songs!
  6. Classical Techniques for High School All-State Prep.
  7. Detailed Instruction for Mastery of Instrument
Instrument Lessons

Sample Instruction

Current Students
“Justin is very patient with me; his jokes are even funny!”

“Bree never wants to put down the violin now! She plays it every day.”

“Justin is such a great teacher, I decided to let the whole family start taking lessons.”

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